About Us

How We Got Started

soulzandgspotz was created in Aug 2016 by owner/CEO Myisha Soule. This company is designed to empower Black Womxn by affirming and centering the experiences of Black female healing, sexuality, and more. In addition to this, we  have an objective to continue to grow to create space for womxn of color, feminine-centered beings and all folks with vaginas. soulzandgspotz understands that oppressed peoples can have difficulty in owning and understanding our full selves. We are here to bust open that paradigm to help liberate you, help you explore, and to help begin your healing process.  

What We Provide

soulzandgspotz is vested in helping you to address how all parts of your life can be "orgasmic" or joyful. Our toys are not the highlight or focus of our business. The toys are understood as tools to connect to self. Our workshops, blog, podcast and rituals will  provide you with the education or inspiration to help you develop joyful and self-connected experiences. 

Its Time To Start Exploring, Healing and Liberating Yaself!

What are you waiting for? Your soul and gspot is waiting to be inspired!